Dive in to Kinetic Task automation software and quickly see the difference it could make in your organization

We’ve worked hard to make complex processes easy to understand in the latest version of our enterprise-grade task automation software. From management of the environment to authoring new processes, the web-based consoles provide an intuitive experience for your team.


When you first log in, you'll see the dashboard with metrics that show you how your environment is running.
Screen shot Dashboard

Activity Console

The Activity console shows you what tasks have run, have errors, and are scheduled to run. This is valuable when troubleshooting a problem.
Screen shot Activity Console

Build Console

The Build console is where you'll build up your trees, and import handlers (the building blocks of trees), and run your trees manually for testing.
Screen shot Build Console

Task Builder

In the builder workflow mapping tool, you use drag + drop tools to create task trees, from simple to highly complex. The builder can be accessed from any task automation tree.

Screen shot Task Builder


Once you get Kinetic Task automation software into production, you'll appreciate the fine-grained control our permissions model enables. You have full control over who sees which consoles, API access, and more.

Screen shot Task Permissions

Admin Console

Easily configure the application from the Admin console, including setting up databases (we support quite a few), starting and stopping the engine, viewing logs, and everything else your admins will love.

Screen shot Task admin

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