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About Kinetic Task

We took our collective experiences in working with some of the largest and most complex companies and government agencies around and built Kinetic Task: For those with real integration needs.

Kinetic Task is a low-code service integration, automation and workflow platform. It is built for the scale, flexibility and security required by today’s modern enterprise.

The system’s open architecture enables robust, modern workflows to be extended across any system that can be integrated with (including legacy and custom applications) without “heavy lifting” providing end-to-end process integration across your organization (and beyond).

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Why Kinetic Task?

Don’t be fooled… Enterprise integration can be challenging.

Kinetic Task simpifies it.

True end-to-end design and process visibility

Any process can be integrated across systems regardless of complexity.

Flexible Architecture

You can run multiple engines across different domains and environments providing unparalleled scale and security.

Full business rules management

Integrate human-based tasks (like approvals) with automated workflows while applying your specific business rules to the process.

Flexibility and Scale with low management overhead

Routines are pre-configured, repeatable processes that can be managed and operated independently, or called as functions within other processes

Designed for easy extension

Easily extend your business processes by building connectors for any system, application or database including legacy and custom systems.

Robust Error and Exception handling

We’ve built a lot of functionality into Task to ensure exceptions and errors can be resolved quickly and effectively from within the system.

Popular Integrations

Task integration
  • Active Directory  The defacto authentication tool of most teams.
  • SalesForce Simple and Strong. Most people want to trust the integrity and availability of this data.
  • Amazon Who runs the world? Girls. But amazon hosts their stuff.
  • Google Build docs from any data source.
  • BMC Remedy Integrate and extend its value beyond IT to HR, facilities, finance, and across the enterprise
  • ServiceNow Every system of record needs a black box.
  • Sharepoint Spend less money on intranet management and more revenue.
  • Exchange As it turns out, email and meetings make up the majority of all knowledge work.
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